What’s So Amazing About Grace

Philip YanceyPhilip Yancey wrote the book, “What’s So Amazing About Grace”, in 1997, following it up with a study guide and then with a video/DVD study resource.

Small groups, seminars

Styles of Learning

Video interviews, Discussion, Individual reading

Number of sessions

Length of sessions
90 minutes to 2 hours

To explore the meaning of grace in gut-level real-life situations. Yancey offers intimate glimpses of God’s power to forgive the most horrible deeds, love the unloving, and redeem the seemingly unredeemable. Yancey considers the disturbing impact on human hearts when the actions of Christians deny the grace they proclaim.

Theological Perspective

Age Group

Specific leadership requirements

Country of origin

Available in languages other than English
Spanish (book) available from Word.

Resources provided
Book $12.95 – $36.95 (Spanish $17.95)
Leader’s Guide
Participant’s Guide $11.95
DVD/Video $19.95
Also available on cassette or downloadable audio file from Amazon.com
Also available: Visual Edition –
designed to appeal to spiritual seekers
and visually oriented readers.

Where to purchase
Koorong, Word

Technology needed
DVD/Video player

Web site

National/Regional Advisors

Uniting Church Congregations using What’s So Amazing About Grace
Pacific Parks Uniting, Gold Coast

Contents of book

1. The Last Best Word (Click here to read as pdf)
Part I: How Sweet the Sound
What's So Amazing About Grace? 2. Babette’s Feast: A Story
3. A World Without Grace
4. Lovesick Father
5. The New Math of Grace
Part II: Breaking the Cycle of Ungrace
6. Unbroken Chain: A Story
7. An Unnatural Act
8. Why Forgive?
9. Getting Even
10. The Arsenal of Grace
Part III: Scent of Scandal
11. A Home for Bastards: A Story
12. No Oddballs Allowed
13. Grace-Healed Eyes
14. Loopholes
15. Grace Avoidance
Part IV: Grace Notes for a Deaf World
16. Big Harold: A Story
17. Mixed Aroma
18. Serpent Wisdom
19. Patches of Green
20. Gravity and Grace

One thought on “What’s So Amazing About Grace

  1. Lynda

    I guess I have been learning about Grace these past months and would like to do a study on it.
    Can I get a study on this book online.I read the book 1998 after being with YWAM

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