Seasons of the Spirit

Seasons of the Spirit LogoSeasons of the Spirit is a lectionary-based all-year round curriculum prepared by an international team centred in Adelaide, Australia.

Worship, all-age learning, adult study groups, seminars, camps, Sunday School, children’s programs, youth groups.

Styles of Learning
Interactive, Sermon ideas, stories, activity projects, computer software, Bible study, small group discussion.

Number of sessions
A session for every week of the year

Length of sessions
30 minutes to 2 hours

To provide God’s people with lectionary-based, ecumenical resources that empower all ages to be transformed in Christ as they:

  • explore meaning and mystery in the Bible;
  • celebrate in worship, sacraments, education, and service;
  • engage in ministries of love, justice, and witness;
  • live in inclusive communities of faith, shaped and led by the Holy Spirit.

Theological Perspective
Three To Fives Curriculum Sample Ecumenical, broad, liturgical

Age Group
Birth-Age 2, 3-5, 6- 8, 9 – 11, 12-14, 15-18, Adult, Complete Congregational Life, Multi-age (5-12 yrs)

Specific leadership requirements

Country of origin

Available in languages other than English

Resources provided
Photocopiable resources for participants $160 per year
Session Plans/Team Teaching Resources $54.50 per year
Behold: Art Book extra copies $33.50 (4 per year)
Music on CD & Songbook $8.50 – $30
Poster Set $87 per year

Where to purchase
Mediacom Education

Technology needed

Web site
includes ‘Action Zone’ with ideas for interactive activities, ‘Library’ with articles and resource sheets, ‘Spirit Sightings’ with reflections on current events and media, ‘Bible Study’ provides access to international Bible study community that shapes future curriculum, and access to email discussion groups on learning, worship and serving.

National/Regional Advisors
Paul Yarrow, Queensland
Amelia Koh Butler, NSW
Mark Hillis, NSW
Mark Lawrence, Victoria
Bec Wilson Victoria
Sue Clarkson Victoria
Sam Charlesworth Victoria
Elizabeth Nolan
Helen Phillips, Tasmania
Ian Price, South Australia
John Atkinson, Western Australia
Steve & Kim Francis, Western Australia

Uniting Church Congregations using Seasons of the Spirit

2 thoughts on “Seasons of the Spirit

  1. Richard Atta

    Dear honorable President.
    Greetings from Togo-West Africa.I am more than blessed to look at Educating Christians on website.Your vision is wonderful.My prayer to God is to be connected with you and become your partner.I believe that God can do it by His endless grace.I am an independant pastor founder of Full Revival Ministries(FRM)
    The mission of FRM is to exalt Jesus Christ by:
    -Evangelizing the lost;
    -Discipline the believers;
    -Equipping the church;
    Ministering the society:.
    I would like to collaborate and develop a good relationship with you..
    I will not disappoint you. When times will be favorable I will invite you to come in Togo. God bless you for your efforts and endeavors for the work of God to reach the world.

    Sincerely yours in Christ.
    Pastor Richard Atta

  2. Mother Moira Evers

    Hi there,

    I’m interested in purchasing Seasons of the Spirit for our Sunday School. Age ranges are between 5 and 11.

    We are an Anglo-Catholic parish (Anglican of the high church variety) and follow the Revised Common Lectionary. I believe your programme follows this lectionary format?

    Can you please point me in the right direction and fill me in on prices and how we pay. My parish still operates with the cheque book (no EFT … yet lol)!

    Wishing you peace and all good,

    Mtr Moira
    Priest in Charge
    Anglican Parish of Telarah and Rutherford

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