Perspectives on the World Christian Movement

Perspectives on the World Christian Movement is a two-part course designed to give Christians a unique opportunity to investigate the work of God around the world, through history and to consider their role in His purposes. Developed by Dr Ralph Winter, Steve Hawthorne and other staff of the U.S. Centre for World Mission in Pasadena, California, Perspectives surveys background, development and potential of Christianity as an international social movement.


Perspectives BooksWeekly small groups or seminars, or 2 week intensive

Styles of Learning
Video, Teaching, Discussion, Independent reading through participant’s guide. Each lesson has a ‘vision-to-action’ exercise. In the second course participants work on an integrative project, an exercise in building a scenario of how a particular unreached people group might be reached.

Number of sessions
2 courses, each with 12 sessions

Length of sessions
2.5 hours (with 3 hours of reading each week)

The purpose of the Perspectives course is to help participants develop a clearer perspective of God’s global mission in the world so as to enable them to make informed decisions about their strategic participation with Him in this. The course is intended to confront participants with the personal challenge of how they can contribute to fulfilling the Great Commission whether as:

A “Goer”: who goes cross-culturally to communicate the Gospel
An “Active Sender”: who provides strategic support from the home base
An “Equipper”: who aids the task of missions by mobilising others, or
A “Welcomer”: who befriends internationals visiting this country.

Theological Perspective

Age Group
Young Adult, Adult

Specific leadership requirements
All Perspectives courses are run by coordinators who have completed a Perspectives course and a Coordinator Workshop run by an authorised Coordinator Workshop leader. Coordinator Workshop leaders are experienced course coordinators and are authorised by the Centre for Mission Direction. Coordinator Workshop leaders are kept in touch on a regular basis with current developments. They have the responsibility of oversight of and liaison with those people coordinating a Perspectives course in their area.

Country of origin
United States. Australian and NZ versions available

Available in languages other than English

Resources provided
Perspectives Globe Perspectives on the World Christian Movement
Book (3rd edition) $60
Study Guide (3rd edition) $29

Check out free downloadable articles from the book at the USCWM site.

Where to purchase
Koorong, Word

Technology needed

Web site

National Advisors
Jo & Ray Green (Tasmania)

Uniting Church congregations using Perspectives



The Living God is a Missionary God

  • God’s promise (Abraham)
  • God’s plan
  • God’s two-fold problem and single purpose

The Story of His Glory

  • God’s purpose of gaining worship from the nations
  • Exodus/Conquest
  • The Temple and global worship of the nations
  • Prayer – rebelling against the status quo

The Kingdom Strikes Back

  • Hope: The meaning and mystery of the kingdom of God
  • The message of the Kingdom of God
  • A vision of the kingdom, and laboring for justice now.
  • A Warfare mentality, contending with evil in all of it’s forms
  • Spiritual warfare amidst the nations, preparing the way for evangelism

A Man and a Mandate for All Peoples

  • Jesus and the Gentiles
  • Joining with God
  • Great Commission
  • The uniqueness of Christ
  • Dealing with universalism

The Sending God

  • God opens the door for the nations – apostles faithful
  • Mandate for church planting without extraction from culture
  • The value of peoples and cultures
  • Apostolic suffering


The Expansion of the Christian Movement

  • The 400 year periods: the continuity of the world Christian expansion
  • The fruit of the faith – substantial blessing and healing of the nations

Eras of Mission History

  • Three eras of modern missions
  • Understanding the four stages of church-mission dynamics
  • Women in missions
  • Rise and Reality of Non-Western missions
  • Trends of the modern mission force

Pioneers of the World Christian Movement

  • Wm Carey / Hudson Taylor / Cam Townsend / McGavran
  • Student movements

The Task Remaining

  • Seeing the world as peoples
  • Increase: Measuring the exposure to the gospel: World A, B, C
  • Closure: Verifying the necessary response to the gospel
  • Missiological breakthrough
  • Assessing the size of the task
  • The imbalance of mission force allocation
  • The hope of mobilization possibilities


How Shall They Hear?

  • Cross-cultural communication
  • Social Structure
  • Conversion

Building Bridges of Love

  • Incarnation
  • Identification – viable roles
  • Encounters – power, commitment, truth


Christian Development

  • Survey of world need
  • Development before/with/following gospel encounter
  • Basic community development
  • The role of the missionary and new church in transformation
  • Do missionaries destroy culture?

The Spontaneous Multiplication of Churches

  • Multiplying churches by obedience oriented evangelism
  • House churches and people movements

Pioneer Church Planting

  • Frontier church planting
  • “De-westernizing” gospel presentation
  • case studies examined

World Christian Partnership

  • World Christian lifestyle and roles of sending, welcoming, going
  • World Christian teamwork with local church
  • World Christian teamwork with mission structures
  • World Christian teamwork with global movements

3 thoughts on “Perspectives on the World Christian Movement

  1. Stan

    I cannot say enough about this course. I thought I was a fairly learned Christian and decent servant of Christ the last 20 years, but this course does bring you to a different level of understanding God’s purposes and it forces you to look seriously at your role in the big picture. And in talking to other alumni of the course I am not alone in this. I don’t know how the Australian course is run, but in the US, the guest speakers are mainly hardcore missionaries, mission mobilizers/strategists…people with years of experience in the field, which gives this course a completely different feel than one given by theologians and bible scholars.

  2. gayle

    I’m pleased to locate this blog. Taking Perspectives has certainly changed my life! I’m currently encouraging others to take the new sessions beginning in a few weeks in Northern California.

    May our Lord’s name be praised in all the nations.

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