Open Plan

“Open Plan – Coming Home to the Sacred Spaces of Life” is a congregational series exploring the familiar teaching of stewardship from a holistic point of view, written by Bruce Russell for the Synod of Victoria and Tasmania.

Open PlanSettings
Small groups, large sessions

Styles of Learning
Video, Discussion, Reflection, Reading, Bible Study, Action

Number of sessions
12 sessions – best used in three series of 4

Length of sessions
90 minutes to 2 hours


  • Explores how the Christian faith invites a deepers sense of connection, the careful management of our lives in the household of God
  • Traces the original meaning of the steward through the Old and New Testaments and through its use in society as a whole
  • Opens a cupboard on fresh resources for life inthe love and grace of Jesus, the ultimate steward
  • Leads beyond thinking of stewardship as just relating to money – it’s about spirituality and discipleship, a whole way of life
  • Offers resources – video, magazine-style books, quality research and art – designed to make you feel at home
  • Restores the inner life of ‘being stewards’ back to where it belongs – home.

Theological Perspective

ReconnectionUniting Church, broad, holistic

Age Group

Specific leadership requirements

Country of origin

Available in languages other than English

Resources provided

Video – commentary by Alister McRae

3 magazine-style books per participant

Facilitator’s Guide to Open Plan

CD Rom

Promotional Material

Where to purchase

Home and GardenUnichurch, Melbourne

Leaders Starter Package – video, facilitator’s guide & 1 participant box set $167 incl. GST or $150 for UC Congregations

Congregations Starter Package – video, facilitator’s guide, participant box set, CD Rom, promotional pack $220 incl. GST or $200 for UC Congregations

Working Kit 1 – Congregation Starter Pack + 10 Participant Box Sets $467.50 incl. GST or $382.50 for UC Congregations

Working Kit 2 – Congregation Starter Pack & 20 Participant Box Sets $685 incl. GST or $560.45

Technology needed
Video Player/TV

Web site

National/Regional Advisor
Bruce Russell, Mission & Rseource Development Unit, Synod of Victoria & Tasmania
Phone (03) 9251 0r fax 9654 4110

Uniting Church Congregations using Open Plan

Leave a comment below if you’re using this resource.


Stint 1: Reconnecting – Living and Being in God’s Place
1. A Guided Tour
2. Going Home – what stewardship really means
3. Room to Move – Being and Belonging in the household of God
4. Connecting with God

Stint 2: Home and Garden – Address Your Resident Realities
5. Being Yourself
6. Opening Doors to Real Relating
7. Inhabiting Habitat – authentic living within creation
8. Bringing Home the Bacon – financing your home life

Stint 3: The Outer Space to Be: Hospitality on the Doorstep of the World
9. Heritage Households – traditions, cultures & stewards
10. Citizens and Strangers – The ins and outs of being stewards
11. Better Homes and Temples – Stewards in the household of faith
12. Where to From Here? – A house meeting about visions, plans and covenanting to care

One thought on “Open Plan

  1. Bruce Russell

    Hi Duncan,
    Thanks for posting this info on Open Plan. After I left the victas synod, I was not sure it would see the light of day, as the comm for mission were unable to resource a distributor for it, and I think also, tended to want to run back to the ‘stewardship as getting tithes from people’ mentality…. (sigh) So it seems odd to hear its theology described as uniting church.
    Perhaps it is more Qld Uniting – the biblical and metaphorical focus (with a home-based and emergent ecclesiological flavour) rather than orthodox doctrine made it a little out of place in Victoria. It may be worth highlighting some of this to distinguish it from people’s associations with Victorian Unitingism.

    This is an excellent site, and I hope it gets plenty of exposure.



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