Nooma (a transliteration of the Greek word Pneuma) is a set of thirteen DVDs and personal/group reflection guides presented by Rob Bell, founding pastor of Mars Hill Bible Church in Grandville, Michigan and author of Velvet Elvis, Repainting the Christian Faith. Each DVD presents a short reflection with imagery, music and questions for consideration. Nooma DVDs can be purchased singly from Christian bookstores. The reflection guides are available for free download from

Open PlanSettings
Small groups, large sessions

Styles of Learning
Video, Discussion, Reflection, Reading, Bible Study, Action

Number of sessions
22 sessions available – each stand alone

Length of sessions
30 minutes to 2 hours


  • Thought provoking
  • Conversation starting
  • Integration of faith and life

Theological Perspective
ReconnectionBroad, holistic

Age Group
Adult, young adult

Specific leadership requirements

Country of origin

Available in languages other than English
Subtitles in English, French, German, Korean, Mandarin, Portugese, Spanish

Resources provided

DVD – commentary by Rob Bell, music, text
Discussion guide in colour with DVD
Downloadable Discussion Guide

Where to purchase

Word, Koorong

$16 to $20 for each DVD/Discussion Guide

Technology needed
Reconnection DV Player/TV

Web site

Uniting Church Congregations using Nooma

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  1. Rain – dealing with suffering
  2. Flame – layers of love
  3. Trees – Adam and Eve – Environment
  4. Sunday – why do we go to church?
  5. Noise – why is silence so hard to deal with?
  6. Kickball – asking God for things…
  7. Luggage – dealing with personal hurt
  8. Dust – dealing with feelings of inadequacy
  9. Bullhorn – working with people we disagree with
  10. Lump – God’s love in response to our shame
  11. Rhythm – living in sync with God
  12. Matthew – facing loss
  13. Rich – blessing, wealth
  14. Breathe – spiritual reality
  15. You – debating faith
  16. Store – dealing with anger
  17. Today – past and present
  18. Name – self image, others and God
  19. Open – does prayer really help?
  20. Shells – too busy?
  21. She – feminine characteristics of God
  22. Tomato – being who we are called to be
  23. Corner – emptiness and fulfilment
  24. Whirlwind – when there aren’t easy answers

3 thoughts on “Nooma

  1. The Merry Rose

    hi, my church is using these dvds – it has lead to some great discussion and sharing during our cafe church during this year. we don’t always agree with what Rob Bell has to say but they are definately worth using. we have just seen Dust (no 8). it is good to hear more background about different sections of the Bible especially through the Jewish culture of the day – it gives far more meaning to the passages.

  2. tony

    thank you for a mesage that realy hits home hard in a brief session enjoyed Shells and Dust I’m going to pray more and hang on to the best,thankyou love your work Tony from Australia.

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