Living The Questions

Living the Questions is a 12-week DVD and web-based small group study exploring Christian faith and practice from progressive perspectives. It wasdeveloped by two United Methodist ministers, Jeff Procter-Murphy and David Felten, and released in 2005.

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Small group, seminar, Lenten studies, new member classes. Modelled on Alpha Course format.

Styles of Learning
Conversations with leading theologians, church leaders, sociologists and biblical scholars
Sermon and lecture clips
Digital stories illustrating aspects of an evolving faith
Concerete spiritual practices – lectio divina, body prayer, journalling
Spiritual disciplines – centring, openness…
Suggestions for engagement in acts of social justice

Number of sessions

Length of sessions
2 1/2 hour includes shared meal, video, guided discussion, spiritual exercises and Bible study


Christian invitation, initiation and spiritual formation. Creates an environment where participants can discuss the revolutionary re-visioning of Christianity already emerging in the world.

Theological Perspective
Progressive, United Methodist

Age Group
Young Adult, Adult

Specific leadership requirements

Country of origin
United States (United Methodist)

Available in languages other than English

Resources provided
Videos (20 – 30 minutes) include conversation, sermon clips, comedy/satire, lecture excerpts, spiritual exercises for practical applications
Weekly participant and leader guides
Fresh jazz interpretations of classic hymns
Internet resources for continued exploration, including downloadable expanded study guides, extra video resources and links

Free downloadable files for Poster, Bulletin Insert, Tri-Fold Brochure, Mailer, Logo

Contributors on the videos include Nancy Ammerman, John Bell, Marcus Borg, Minerva Carcano, John Cobb Jr, John Dominic Crossan, Lloyd Geering, Leslie Griffiths, Stanley Hauerwas, Culver Bill Nelson, Siyoung Park, Stephen Patterson, Tex Sample, John Shelby Spong, Emilie Townes.

Where to purchase
Mediacom, Adelaide
FaithFutures, Brisbane

DVD $275 – includes a one-year subscription to the secure portion of containing the program’s downloadable resources.

Technology needed
DVD player, television/projector
Internet connection for download of materials

Web site

See a Flash introduction at Mediacom

National/Regional Advisors
Email Mediacom Education or call 1800 811 311
Rex Hunt from The Centre for Progressive Religious Thought

Uniting Church Congregations using Living the Questions

Charis Faith Community, Sydney
Kippax Uniting, Canberra
Abbotsbury, Sydney
St Stephen’s, Ringwood East
Wesley Church, Perth
St James Canberra


An invitation to Journey
Thinking Theologically
Creativity and Stories of Creation
Restoring Relationships
Evil and a God of Love: The Place of Suffering
Intimacy with God
Social Justice and the Prophets
A Kingdom without Walls: Ruth and Jonah
Lives of Jesus
Compassion: The Heart of Jesus’ Ministry
A Passion for Christ: Paul the Apostle
Out into the World: Challenges Facing Progressive Christianity
The Contribution of Wesleyan Theology

One thought on “Living The Questions

  1. John Emmett

    At Kiipax uniting, we are intending to run a LTQ event this year or early next. We are developing a target group for this event – young adults – at Uni or under 25 years of age… still working on the approach and identifying the people. It takes time to recruit the those with an interest in and more committed to a progressive Christianity. We are targeting this age group because the ‘post-moderns’ seem to find Christianity irrelevant. We have difficulty holding their attention, and engaging them. Our observation is that everything in their educational journey confirms and compounds the irrelevance. The ‘commodification’ of education is one powerful factor, I think. We think that LTQ might ignite interest, sustain curiosity and provide some connections for intense and in-depth searching. LTQ lends itself to a forum style approach which is what this age group likes. The intense energy, focus and style of engagement required will also link with their preferred learning experience. It lends itself to a forum rather than small group style of event based learning.

    At Kippax Uniting Church, we plan to set up a mentor / sponsor relationship as a part of the LTQ series. In my role as Chritian Educator, have adopted as an operational principle that any activity we run is accompanied by both a mentoring relationship and formation in Christian practices. This has been working well for preaching, preparation for baptism, working through Borg’s book, The Heart of Christianity, the 11 to 14 year olds program I run (based around Scripture Union’s OneUp and theGrid resources) for the age group, and the whole Faith for Households resource for building and strengthening faith in households, and Sunday cafe. You can find Faith for Household resources on in the heading deeper section. They are prefixed by F4H, but earlier ones are simply obvious by title rather than date.

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