Kerygma is a Greek word. [Greek kêrugma, preaching, proclamation, from kêrux, kêrug-, herald.]. Originally it meant the proclamation of a herald who brought the news of the day, or a government official who made state announcements. The early Christian church gave the Greek word a new meaning, and in the New Testament the word kerygma is used to indicate the content of the message announced by the church. Kerygma has since been variously translated as “proclamation” or “preaching” or “word proclaimed.”

Kerygma LogoThe Kerygma Course allows a church to choose from a wide variety of Bible studies – long or short; beginner, intermediate or advanced; studies on specific books or topics of the Bible or the Bible as a whole.

Small groups, seminars, retreats

Styles of Learning
Home preparation, Bible reading, discussion

Number of sessions
Kerygma Dove Three year-long courses with 30 sessions: Discovering the Bible, The Bible in Depth, The Bible and Theology.

A number of shorter courses (7 or 14 sessions) based on scripture, text or theme:

e.g. Advent, Acts, Bible and Handel’s Messiah, The Commandments, Beginnings: Study of the Call of God in Genesis, Parables, Reveleation, Lord Teach Us How To Pray; Luke – Good News for All

Length of sessions
2 hour

Learn the basics and complexities of the Bible.
Develop skills for interpreting Scripture.
Apply learning from the Bible to personal and corporate life in today’s world.

Theological Perspective
Those responsible for developing Kerygma study resources have worked to avoid unwarranted theological presuppositions in the writing and editing. Thus churches from many denominations have found the study materials consistent with their traditions. The theological guidelines for publishing resources include the following:
The best resource for Bible study is the Bible, or better, the Bible whole. An awareness of the full scope of the Biblical story provides needed balance for the building of faith. Scripture should be allowed to speak for itself. If the Bible is understood on its own terms, it will convey its own truth. Biblical understanding should be a prelude to theological belief. The Bible should inform theology, not theology the Bible.

Age Group

Specific leadership requirements

Country of origin

Available in languages other than English

Resources provided
Kerygma Amos CD Bible Study Guides – Resource Book, Leader’s Guide & Leader’s Guide on CDRom.
Kerygma Program Guide – overview of all courses
Meeting God in the Bible – devotions on CD
History of the Bible VHS and DVD
Dove and Bush Lapel Pin
Promotional Materials
Certificates for Course Completion

Where to purchase
The Kerygma Program
300 Mt. Lebanon Blvd
Suite 205Pittsburgh, PA 15234
Phone: 800-537-9462
Fax: 412-344-1823

Resource Book: $15-30 US
Leader’s Guide: $15-30 US

Technology needed
Video/DVD can be used in some courses

Web site

National/Regional Advisors

Uniting Church Congregations using Kerygma


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