Introducing God

A relational course designed to present the Christian gospel based on the Sydney Anglican “Two Ways to Live” presentation.

Introducing God Seminar, small group, with a friend

Styles of Learning
DVD, Live talks, Interviews, Discussion,

Number of sessions
Seven or eight sessions, with or without the weekend away.

Length of sessions
2 hours

Introducing God Poster To introduce friends to God with a presentation of the ‘Biblical Metanarrative’ in a relaxed culturally appropriate way, starting with who God is and finishing with the person of Jesus.

Theological Perspective
Conservative Evangelical

Age Group
Student, Adult

Specific leadership requirements
Training is recommended for hosts

Country of origin
Christians in the Media, Sydney, Australia

Available in languages other than English

Resources provided
Presenter’s pack ($149 AU) includes 12 talks on 2 DVDs or VHS videos, training DVD or video, talk scripts and PowerPoint, five participants’ handbooks, a poster pack, a course driver’s manual, and 100 invitation cards. Special features include dramas, testimonials, quicktime film clips and a promotional quicktime video.

Audio CDs $29.95
Participant’s Handbook $6
Course Driver’s Manual $20
Introducing God DVD or Video $79.
Explanation DVD or Video $35
Postcard Pack $20
Poster Pack $10

Where to purchase
Online at

Technology needed
DVD or Video player, Computer, Projector/TV

Web site

National/Regional Advisors
Dominic Steele, a Moore College graduate who has worked in commercial radio news and now works with Christians in the Media and Anglican Evangelism Ministries, Sydney Diocese.

Uniting Church Congregations using Introducing God


Introductory Night (Acts 17) – Stand alone session
Session 1: God, us and the meaning of life (Genesis 1)
Session 2: Our declaration of autonomy (Genesis 3)
Session 3: What will God do about our autonomy problem? (Psalm 2)
Session 4: God’s competent king (Luke 8)
Session 5: The death that changes everything (Luke 23)
Session 6: God made Jesus Lord and Christ (Acts 2)
Session 7: Remember our future (2 Peter 3)

The difference Jesus makes Weekend
Weekend A: The difference Jesus makes to life now (Luke 14)
Weekend B: The difference Jesus makes to relationship with God (Luke 15)
Weekend C: The difference Jesus makes to our futures (Luke 16)
Session 8: Drinking from the water of life! (Revelation 21-22)

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