Ignition Missional Training Course

Ignition is a group action/reflection learning experience developed by Mark Sayers of Forge Missional Training Network in Melbourne. Participants meet in small groups over 12 weeks to learn missional principles, explore the book of Acts and reflect on the last week’s missional exploration action.

Ignition Logo Small group (up to 10)

Styles of Learning

Personal Bible reading, Group discussion, missional tasks.

Number of sessions

Length of sessions
1 hour (with 1.5 hours of homework each week)

Introduces Christians to mission in the place where we live – the emrging global culture. After each gathering the group participants are assigned weekly missional tasks in a context they choose. This missional exploration can be sharing the gospel with a friend, studying a subculture/ethnic group/area for mission, building relationships at a local sporting club, volunteering at a soup kitchen, starting a missional community or anything in between. The missional exploration is about spending time listening to those who are yet to become followers of Jesus and beginning a process of sharing God’s love with them through actions and words.

Theological Perspective
Evangelical, Emerging, Missional

Age Group
Young Adult, Adult

Specific leadership requirements

Country of origin

Available in languages other than English

Resources provided
Manual includes worksheet and teaching notes.

Where to purchase
Forge Missional Network NSW
Email Darryn Altclass or 0416 221 853

Printed and bound 1 + $15 each + postage
Group license for digital copy (pdf) depends on size of order:
Digital: 1 – 3 $12 each, 4-10 $10 each, 10-20 $8 each, 20-50 $6 each, 50 + $5 each.

National/Regional Advisors

Mark Sayers

Queensland: Steve Turner
New South Wales: Peter Horsley
Victoria: Kim Hammond
Tasmania: Darryn Altclass
South Australia: Tim Hein (Hope Valley Uniting)
Western Australia: Andrew Hamilton

Uniting Church Congregations using Ignition
Pacific Parks, Gold Coast
TEA Party, Toowong, Brisbane


Introduction to Ignition – Identifying mission, a people group
A World of change/Acts 1-2/Changes in culture, and how it affects the way we share the gospel
Church in Society /Acts 3-5/ “Post Christendom” church
The Mission Heart of God -Acts 6-8 -God in an occupation
Kingdom of God/Acts 9-11
The Incarnation/Acts 12-15/Jesus – both distinct and engaged in world – living example
The Plan of God/Acts 16-18/Movements of God’s plan in history
Sharing the gospel/Acts 19-20/Changes in evangelism
Transforming Mission/Acts 21-24/Spirituality outside the worship service – transforming all of life
The spirituality of mission/Acts 25-26/Passionate spirituality – dependence on God not methods
The Missional church/Acts 27/New ways of meeting together
Where to from here/Acts 28

4 thoughts on “Ignition Missional Training Course

  1. Duncan

    Using this course at Pacific Parks certainly helped us get a realistic picture of our engagement with the world outside the church. Some people really appreciated the discipline of reading the Bible (silently) in public places.

    We developed our own PowerPoint material and supplemented the session with material from The Visual Bible: Acts and Enhance.

  2. Rev.P.Ramanathan

    Equipping People for Excellence in Leadership is a charitiable and educational institution in India which involves in training the Christians and christian workers for cross cultral missions. We are interested to get your materials to corporate with our training resource materials. If possible kindly send us one set of it. Thanks.
    Rev.P.Ramanathan,23/IV,Teachers Colony,Chennai,India,600099.

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