Evangelism Explosion International

Evangelism Explosion International was started by James Kennedy, pastor at Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church in Fort Lauderdale, Florida (associated with Presbyterian Church in America). In the early 1960s he began sharing the Christian gospel with people in their home, focusing on assurance of salvation. The presentation of “Do You Know For Sure” is learned in groups of three, on the job. The presentation is pivoted around the two ‘diagnostic questions’: 1. Do you know for sure that you are going to be with God in Heaven? 2. If God were to ask you, “Why should I let you into My Heaven?” what would you say?

EE III logo Seminars, small group training, home visitation

Styles of Learning
Lectures, small group discussions, Bible study, home visitations, Bible Memorisation.

Number of sessions

Length of sessions
2 hours

Training Christians in evangelism on the job, using a model Gospel presentation in the context of visitation. Prayer partners support teams of three (trainer and two trainees).

Theological Perspective
Fundamentalist Evangelical

Age Group
Adult, Young Adult, Youth, Children

Specific leadership requirements
Attendance at 5-6 day Leadership Clinic.

Country of origin
United States

Available in languages other than English

Resources provided
Bible Verse Learning Cards
PowerPoint Presentations on CD
Audio Tapes of Gospel Presentation
Evangelism Explosion (book by Kennedy)

Where to purchase
Evangelism Explosion Australia


Technology needed
Only if using videos or tapes

Web site

National/Regional Advisors
Rod Story, NSW, Australia

Uniting Church Congregations using Evangelism Explosion?


19 thoughts on “Evangelism Explosion International

  1. Bishop Emmanuel St Louis

    Choice Christian greting !
    I Am Bishop Emmanuel St Louis Chairman Of MEP-CFUDH Churches in Haiti I would Like To Be A member EEI and Have fellowship , Representating Education Christian Uniting Church In Haiti.
    I Look Forward To Hearing you Soon.
    Bishop Emmanuel St Louis
    #27 rue, America, Arcachon 32
    Carrefour, Port-Au-Prince
    011 509 748 49 55

  2. Andrew Lim


    I was a Teacher/Trainer of EE in Malaysia and now that I am in Melbourne, I am just wondering if there is an opportunity to do likewise here. My passion is to see souls saved.

    Is there an EE office in Melbourne?



  3. Thang lian kima

    Please can you pray for me Because I want to stare EE in New Delhi.
    Ph. 9958554025

  4. Thuyen Le

    My Name is Thuyen ( Jack ) Le living in Brisbane , AUSTRALIA . I am interesting about Evangelism Explosion and I would like to learn more . How can I find these Resources:
    Bible Verse Learning Cards
    PowerPoint Presentations on CD
    Audio Tapes of Gospel Presentation
    If you have any information please let me know. Thank you very much.
    Kind Regards,
    Thuyen Le

  5. Jacky Simte LH

    I have learn EE Works from Mr. Benjamin Thomas, he is Implementation Consultant in Bangalore India, I figure out that EE is very unique much more than my expectation, because it does a tremendeous work to so many perishing souls around the world and I love to get involve myself.

  6. Tung Le

    Dear Rev. Rod Story,
    We are at Hurlstone Park (NSW) Baptist Church and looking for suitable EE material to equip for a group of about 10 young people at our church, We plain to commence in the next few weeks.
    Thanks for your help
    In Christ

  7. emmanuel

    I would like to access some of your EEIII material for training church members on evangelism how do I access this material?
    Kind regards

  8. Rekha

    Hi ,
    I was trained in EE when i was in Phoenix , but now i am in India(Bangalore) I would like to know if there are any EE trainings going on here.


  9. John Steenhof

    Is there EE in Perth Australia. Would like to be a part of it living in Perth. Would appreciate training in it.

  10. Abel S.Azarja

    I has been sent to Malang to learn TTT at Seloredjo 83,Malang EE iNDONESIA head QuaterI .I am eager to have an english copy of the EE booklet !Thank you Mr.Rod for your help. With best regards Abel

  11. Michael Osei-Poku

    I love the work of the evangelist. My ministry have been positively affected by training under the EE Method. I pray for an increase in everything for EE International. God bless you all

  12. Kali Sete

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    I thought I’d just let you know that I am undertaking a small course with the regional Director for EE in our Pacific region, Mrs Pamela Amini in preparation for the Movie Blitz being organised by our Church, North Waigani United Church Papua New Guinea. We have about 12-20 people taking this short training. We are excited about its impact in our local community in Port moresby, where our Church is located.
    Kali Sete
    Cell Group Leader.

  13. Manuel Kang Hyun

    Hello in the love of our Lord.
    I am a pastor in Brazil and would like to be an EEI member. Please, send me informations about it. Looking forward to your answer.
    In Christ

  14. nicholas eye

    I do not have enough money at the moment to order the material for witnessing but i would to use it. Pls pray the lord makes a way for this. He has called me to preach and i feel this will greatly help the ministry.

  15. Jessica Cuna

    Dear Brethren,
    I have been trained in EE Int’l three months after i got saved in 1990 here in the Philippines. It has become a lifestyle for me since then to share my faith as God would lead me. I have been fortunate to have become a junior then later senior trainer during those trainings that lasted a year and a half. As I share my faith I always make it a habit to leave a tract. Since I’ve been using tracts printed in the Philippines I got this idea to reproduce you EE tract in thousands that i can use in giving to students as i share my faith per class. I wish to ask you good office if you would allow me to reproduce your EE tract because I have not found any tract as exhaustive like yours and is compatible with my method of sharing my faith using my training in EE Int’l. Kindly consider this request of mind for the advancement of Christ kingdom here in the Philippines.
    Thank you and hope to hear from you soon with regards to this request I have.
    May God Bless You and more power to your ministry !!!
    Jessica Cuna

  16. AGUILOU Padjassouwé Abraham

    I’m trained in EEI since 2003 in Togo and now I’m a missionnary with an African Missionnary agency named CAPRO based in Nigeria. I’m now well positioned to pratice this program and I’m looking for partners

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