Elijah House

Elijah House was started by John and Paula Stanford in the United States. The courses provided by Elijah House focus on prayer for inner healing, relationships and living in the power of the Holy Spirit.

Elijah House Courses are usually presented in four levels of five days each or four weekends. Each day starts with praise and worship followed by three teachings, usually by video or DVD featuring John and Paula Sandford or trained Elijah House Inc Teachers. To enable prayer ministry to be demonstrated ministry groups of about six people are formed.

Styles of Learning
Video Presentation, Demonstrations of Prayer Ministry, Testimonies, Prayer in small groups.

Number of sessions
The teaching curriculum consists of 13 video presentations per level (4 levels).

Length of sessions
A typical daily programme would start with praise and worship for 30 minutes, 1st teaching, morning tea, 2nd teaching, lunch, 15 minutes praise and worship, 3rd teaching, afternoon tea and two hours for small group discussion and prayer ministry led by an experienced Elijah House Ministry Group Leader.

Elijah House aims to serve the wider chuch

  1. by providing prayer ministry teaching and training based on that of John & Paula Sandford as expressed through Elijah House Inc (USA).
  2. by providing an understanding of why we experience difficulties in our lives and relationships.
  3. by providing an understanding of prayer ministry as a means of overcoming the difficulties experienced in our lives and realtionships.
  4. by training Elijah House Ministries Australia graduates to provide prayer ministry to the wider church and/or be leaders and team members for Elijah House Miinistries Australia.

Theological Perspective
Interdenominational, Evangelical Charismatic

Age Group

Where to purchase
From Elijah House Ministries

Individual Student – $200 per student per level
Refresher Student – $100 per student per level

Audio Cassette $6
Audio CD $10
Video $15
DVD $20

Specific leadership requirements
Training and accreditation by Elijah House Ministries

Country of origin

Available in languages other than English

Resources provided
Topics (see below) in Audio Cassette, CD, Video and DVD

Books by the Sandfords:
Transformation of the Inner Man (John & Paula) $19
Restoring the Christian Family (John & Paula) $17
Healing the Nations (John) $9 (now out of print and unavailable)
Healing the Wounded Spirit (John & Paula) $21
Deliverance and Inner Healing (John & Mark) $26
Healing Women’s Emotions (Paula) $22
Renewal of the Mind (John & Loren) $15
Healing Victims of Sexual Abuse (Paula) $16
Waking the Slumbering Spirit (John & Paula, & Norm Bowman) $23
Burnout: Renewal in the Wilderness (Loren Sandford) $9
Why Some Christians Commit Adultery (John) $18
What about divorce? (Paula) $6
Choosing Forgiveness (John & Paula, & Norm Bowman) $25

Technology needed
DVD/Video player & Television/Projector

Web site
www.elijahhouse.com.au (Australia)
www.elijahhouse.org (International)

National Advisors
Resource Centre
PO Box 244,
Caloundra QLD 4551
07 5492 8588
Office hours are Tue, Wed, Thu 8.00am – 4.00pm

There are leaders for Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and Western Australia. See the web site to make contact or phone the Resource Centre.

Uniting Church Congregations using Elijah House
Jan Rossow at Childers, QLD


Level A
Biblical Basis of Elijah House Ministry
Ingredients of Christian Prayer Ministry
Bitter Roots
Accomplishing Forgiveness
Repentance and Restitution
Honouring Father and Mother
How We See God
Basic Trust
Performance Orientation
Parental Inversion and Substitute Mate
Hearts of Stone and Inner Vows
Identifications of Love
Recognition of Fruit to Root Patterns

Level B
Prenatal and Early Childhood Issues – Part 1 & 2
Ministry Skills
Slumbering Spirit
Spiritual Rebellion
The Wounded Burden Bearer
Personal and Corporate Strongholds
Deliverance and Inner Healing
Healing Relationships to Authority
Rightly Expressing Emotions
Common Errors in Ministry
Sealing our Healing

Level C
Adult Children of Alcoholics
Cutting Free
Captive Spirit
Emotional Abuse
Healing Common Sexual Experiences
Profile of the Abuser
Healing the Sexually Abused
Generational Sin
Shame – Part 1 & 2
Grieving Losses
Biblical View of Boundaries
Care and Feeding of the Captive Spirit

Level D
Resurrection Side of Healing
Spiritual Development of the Believer
Overcoming Fears
False Refuges
Sexual Addictions
Spiritual Adultery
Spiritual Abuse
Attachments and Transferences
Protection of the Prayer Minister
Corporateness in the Body of Christ

8 thoughts on “Elijah House

  1. Linda

    Please give me more information about your ministry–Charismatic and ? Do yo follow any of the type of ministry that Jack Hayford of Van Nuys Four Square Church does? Or even know of him? I am interested in what you do and just how you all help people. Do you allow psychotherapy or focus on God’s healing precisely and allow no other type of service? Thank You and God Bless, Linda

  2. Brenda

    I am looking for a book entitiled ” Garlands to ashes, healing of the sexually abused. It is authored by Paula Stanford. Is that you? Do you have this book? If so I need it for Pastoral counseling if you don’t do you know of it and where I can purchase it?


  3. Jeremy Lobb

    I would like to order some books from you but live in South Africa, so I need to know how to do this.

  4. Elaine OBrien

    I am interested in “deep level healing”…I’m currently reading the book “Deep wounds, Deep healing” and they recommend the Sandfords…please help and guide me with more information…warm wishes, Elaine 321.507.7070

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