DiscipleDISCIPLE began as a dream amongst a group of United Methodist clergy, theologians, laypersons, a bishop, Christian educators, Bible scholars, publishers, editors, and marketers. Together they shaped the dream into a vision DISCIPLE: BECOMING DISCIPLES THROUGH BIBLE STUDY.

Small group of 12

Styles of Learning
Reading, discussion, video

Number of sessions

Length of sessions
40 minutes daily preparation. Sessions of 2 to 2 1/2 hours

The disciple is a learner, believer, follower, and a proclaimer. The purpose of DISCIPLE Bible study is to develop strong Christian leaders through in-depth study of Scripture, or in the words of Ephesians 4:12: “to equip the saints for the work of ministry, for building up the body of Christ.”

The title DISCIPLE includes both identity and purpose. The disciple is a learner, believer, follower, proclaimer. In the Bible the word disciple is connected with instruction and training.

Underlying the development of DISCIPLE is the assumption that people are hungry for the word of God, for fellowship in prayer and study, and for a sense of appropriate ministry as baptised, believing, committed Christians. Therefore, the purpose of DISCIPLE is to develop strong Christian leaders through regular in-depth study of Scripture. Disciple making and Christian nurturing are its goals. Some people will become teachers of DISCIPLE; all persons in the study will be guided into servanthood and ministry. Participants will become better Sunday school teachers, better parents, better youth and adult choir members, better officers in the church, better youth fellowship members because their ministry will be inspired as well as informed.

What are the hoped-for results of the program? Biblically nourished persons committed to live as disciples.

Theological Perspective

Age Group
Adult, youth

Where to purchase

Study Manual $50
Teacher Helps $10
DVD/Video Set $255
Implementation Resource $10
Certificates of Completion $1.65
Resource Library $195
Resource Portfolio $155
Disciple Bag $11

Specific leadership requirements
Ministers and trained lay leaders. One-day training is offered around Australia.

Country of origin
USA (United Methodist)

Available in languages other than English
Korean, Spanish, Chinese, and German

Resources provided
Participants Manuals include daily reading assignments of Scripture along with commentary and questions for reflection and response. Suggestions for individual research and study-related activities are also provided. Plenty of space is available for taking notes while reading Scripture, for recording thoughts and questions arising out of daily study, and for making notes during the weekly group study session.

Leader’s Manual (one for youth and one for adults) covers agenda for an orientation session and process suggestions for each of the thirty-four weekly group sessions. suggest techniques for individual and group sharing, procedures for conducting discussion, and descriptions of teaching methods best suited to the type of biblical material being considered in the session. Directions and/or questions are provided to guide group study of a selected passage of Scripture in each session.

Videotapes/DVDs provide ten minute segment for use in each of the thirty-four weekly study sessions.

Extra (optional) resources for further reading are provided at cost.

Technology needed
Video or DVD Player and TV or Data Projector

Web site

Regional Advisors
Jenny Brecknell (QLD)
Karyl Davison (NSW)
Mark Hillis (NSW)
Mark Lawrence (VIC/TAS)
Gwen Ince (VIC/TAS)
Soo Thee Tan (VIC/TAS)
Beth Hancock (VIC/TAS)
Ian Price (SA)
Craig Mitchell (SA)
John Atkinson (WA)
Steve Francis (WA)

Uniting Church Congregations using Disciple

Chapel Hill, Brisbane
Rosefield, Adelaide


Old Testament

  1. The Biblical Word
  2. The Creating God
  3. The rebel people
  4. The called people
  5. God hears the cry
  6. God sends the law
  7. When God draws dear
  8. The people without a king
  9. The people with a king
  10. God warns the people
  11. God punishes the people
  12. God restores the people
  13. Songs of the heart
  14. The righteous are like a tree
  15. When trouble comes
  16. People hope for a Saviour
  17. (Intertestamental period) The time of transition

New Testament

  1. Radical discipleship
  2. Mounting controversy
  3. The hidden Messiah
  4. God seeks the least, the last, the lost
  5. Lifegiver
  6. Advocate
  7. The explosive power of the Spirit
  8. The Gospel penetrates the world
  9. Put right with God through faith
  10. A congregation in ferment
  11. The Son shall set us free
  12. A pastor gives guidance
  13. Our great High Priest
  14. A people set apart
  15. We never lose hope
  16. Gifts of each disciple
  17. A last supper together

2 thoughts on “Disciple

  1. Jenny Brecknell

    I’ve already made some comments about Disciple, by way of comparison, on the Bethel blog.

    Just wanted to add a couple of things …

    The new short courses (Intro to OT & Intro to NT – 8 weeks each) will become available during the second half of the year. I’ll let the list know as soon as MediaCom releases them. They are mentioned on the Cokesbury.com link which Duncan has provided. The Cokesbury site also mentions that training to accredit leaders is no longer compulsory though still strongly encouraged. In fact, this will enable me, as a MediaCom trainer, to be more flexible in the kind of training I can provide – so, as well as the full day training seminar, which I’ve set down for 15 October this year, I am happy to negotiate other options with churches which don’t find that date and format convenient. For example, I’ve just spent an evening with a small group of people from Beenleigh UC, which hopes to begin the course in July. Costs involved in the training are limited to the cost of the materials, which participants would have to purchase anyway, and in some cases perhaps, a small amount to cover my travel and admin costs.

    And also … Duncan’s blog indicates that participants in the course need to set aside 40 minutes a day for preparation. That’s for six days per week, but in fact, varies a bit, because of the way the lessons are themed. For example, the week you do the psalms, the reading is very light, but for the week when you do the kings, and follow the stories of Samuel, Saul, David AND Solomon, the readings are lengthy. After the first time, I learned to build in a break before that lesson so there were two weeks for people to prepare!

    Happy to receive enquiries on 3378 5281,

    Jenny Brecknell.

  2. Jenny Brecknell

    Whoops! Sorry … forgot to tell you the short courses had become available … I have already led one group through the NT course (Invitation to the New Testament) and am currently leading my third group through the OT course (Invitation to the Old Testament). Excellent material!

    Each session of these courses includes two 10-minute videos, where the foundational course includes just one. One of the great features of the OT course is that one of the videos each week focusses on biblical archaeology. James Tabor is presenter. It’s fascinating stuff a- groups love it!

    I highly recommend these two short courses. They are an excellent introduction to the Disciple materials and provide a way in for people who are tentative about committing to the year-long courses.

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