DiSC Biblical Personal Profile

DiSC Classic BookDiSC Profile was developed by William Moulton Marston using four dimensions of Dominance, Influencing, Steadiness and Conscientiousness. DiSC tests and assessments are used in hiring and recruiting, diversity training, time management, team building and personal growth. The Biblical Profile is designed especially for Christian settings.

Seminar, Bible study classes, church leadership programs, counselling, pre-marital preparation, family crisis intervention, marriage enrichment seminars, retreats, mission team training.

Styles of Learning
Presentation, Questionaire, Group Discussion

Number of sessions
Five modules

Length of sessions
1 hour

Help individuals and teams

  • Discover behavioural strengths, areas for augmenting, blending, capitalising
  • Value and learn to respect the strengths of others
  • Deal with conflict effectively by learning adoptive behaviours
  • Enhance work group with teamwork and minimise team conflict
  • Develop strategies to meet diverse needs of others
  • Improve communication skills by determining communication styles

Theological Perspective
Developed originally without reference to theology. A Biblical Personal Profile is available, linking profiles to Biblical characters and referring participants to scripture passages.

Age Group
Predominantly adult. DiSC is also available for teenagers.

Specific leadership requirements
Accreditation for running DiSC is offered by Integro Learning (2 day course costs $1870, correspondence course $1200, Integra 1 day course $1000)

Country of origin

Available in languages other than English
Spanish, German, French, Italian

Resources provided
DiSC Biblical 5 Module Seminar fully scripted for facilitator, includes background on DiSC model of behaviour, seminar activities, reproducible handouts, overhead masters. Includes 1 Biblical DiSC profile & DiSC Mini-Kit Trainer Facilitator Download files.

Where to purchase
Through accredited facilitators

$38 per person for use of assessment tool.

Technology needed
Printed Profiles

Web site

Accredited DiSC Facilitators in the Uniting Church
Queensland: Graham Beattie, Dennis Robinson, Jenny Tymms

Uniting Church Congregations using DiSC


Administering the Profile
Discovering the Differences
Love – Meeting the Needs of Others
How the Lord loves us
Building Teams in Loving Environments

2 thoughts on “DiSC Biblical Personal Profile

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  2. Tina Bull

    I just wanted to correct a possible misunderstanding here. You don’t have to certified to use DiSC profiles. The publisher, Inscape Publishing, does offer certification, however. There are both paper versions and online versions with differing pricing and slightly different reliability and validity.

    There are also several versions of DISC. Here you are recommending DiSC–with the small letter i. That’s also the one I would recommend and the one you link to–either DiSC Classic or Everything DiSC.

    You can learn more about the Biblical version of DiSC at Using DiSC in Your Church.

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