Dear Kim This is what I Believe

Bill LoaderBill Loader, a Uniting Church minister and New Testament scholar from Western Australia, published a book, “Dear Kim, This is what I believe”, with JBCE in …. It has since sold out but is now available online.

Personal reading, suitable for discussion in mentoring or small group settings.

Styles of Learning

Reading, dialogue

Number of sessions
Seven chapters:

  1. What about God?
  2. What about Jesus?
  3. What about the Bible?
  4. What about the Church?
  5. What about right and wrong?
  6. What about being Christian?
  7. Sacred Space

Length of sessions
Dear Kim This Is What I Believe Up to you


This book is for people who want to think critically about their faith and want to find a way of making sense of it so they can live from it in today’s world.

Theological Perspective
Liberal, progressive

Age Group
Youth, Adult

Where to purchase
Download free from the web site below, in pdf or word format


Specific leadership requirements

Country of origin

Available in languages other than English

Resources provided

Technology needed

Web site

Uniting Church Congregations using Dear Kim

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