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Coolamon College was set up as a national agency of the Uniting Church in Australia in 1993 to provide for students not able to attend set classes in capital cities. In 2009 the Uniting Church Assembly wound down Coolamon College, delegating responsibility to each synod. The Coolamon College Courses are no longer available.

What you read from here on is archival.

Through Distance Theological Education people can be helped, under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, to develop their own understanding of God, the world, the church and themselves in a way that draws on the rich tradition of thought and experience through which God has been revealed through the centuries. By means of Distance Theological Education we aim to increase people’s understandings of the Christian faith, deepen their spiritual lives and enhance their competence in ministry.

Theological Perspective
Broad, Uniting Church in Australia

Age Group

Specific leadership requirements

Country of origin

Available in languages other than English
In some cases Korean, Indonesian, Fijian

Resources provided
Workbook, Readings

Where to purchase
Online or over the phone

Discover Stream: $40 (no assessment) or $60 (assessment)
Explore Stream: $170 per unit
Deepen Stream: From $373 – $642 per degree level topic.

Three Streams

Discover Stream
Ideal for work in a small group. 8 sessions of 90 minutes plus time for individual study. Assessment based on completing the tasks in the workbook.

Explore Stream
Aimed at self study at Certificate and Diploma Levels. Can be used toward UCA Lay Preacher’s Certificate (6 topics) Certificate IV in Ministry (10 topics) or Diploma in Pastoral Ministry (20 topics).

Deepen Stream
Aimed at self study at higher education sector accreditation, continuing education for ministers and others, available for BMin, BTh and higher degree students, coursework and research through to PhD.

Web site

National/Regional Advisors
Lee Levett-Olson, Jo-Anne Fulton, Margaret Wyatt.

Uniting Church Congregations using Coolamon College courses

Study Topics

Discover Stream

  • Story of the Old Testament (English, Indonesian, Fijian, Korean)
  • New Testament (English, Fijian, Korean)
  • How shall we worship? (1 & 2)
  • Introducing the Uniting Church in Australia
  • Discipleship 1
  • Being an elder in the UCA

Explore Stream

  • Introduction to New Testament
  • Introduction to Interpreting the Bible
  • Discovering the Hebrew Scriptures
  • Promise and Fulfilment in the Pentateuch
  • Letters of Paul
  • Life Now – Gospel of John
  • Doing Theology – an introduction
  • Introduction to Christology
  • Uniting Church Sacraments for Lay Presiders
  • Theology – Uniting Church Perspectives
  • The Christian Life – Protestant Perspectives
  • Church History
  • Western Church in Middle Ages
  • Reformation: Protestant Perspectives
  • Australian Church History
  • Eldership in the UCA
  • Introduction to Christian Mission
  • Preaching – God’s word in human speech
  • Religious Education in Schools
  • Youth Ministry 1 & 2
  • Global Discipleship: Mission, Justice, Development
  • Worship in the UCA
  • Evangelism: Reaching People through the local church
  • Leadership in a church setting
  • Establishing New Congregations
  • Christian Mentoring
  • Practicums in Educational Ministry,
    Pastoral Care, Worship and Preaching,
    and Mission
  • Practical Prophets: Christians and Social Justice
  • Christian Prayer: Practice of Spirituality
  • Following Jesus Today: Intro to Discipleship

Deepen Stream

  • Interpreting the Old Testament
  • New Testament Studies
  • Introduction to Exegesis: Old & New Testaments
  • Spirit, Grace & Humanity
  • Christian Beginnings: Early Church to 500 AD
  • Sociology for Ministry
  • Pentateuch via Genesis
  • Matthew
  • 1 & 2 Corinthians
  • Romans
  • Person and Work of Christ
  • Christian Life: Protestant Perspective
  • Orientation to UCA
  • Creation Spirituality
  • Fathers and Heretics
  • Introduction to Feminist Studies in Theology
  • Medieval Church History
  • Soul Stirrings: History of Christian Spirituality
  • Service as Good News: History of Diaconate
  • Exploring Cross-Cultural Ministry
  • Towards Reconciliation: Theological Understanding
  • Pastoral Care in Hospital Setting 1 & 2
  • New Testament Greek
  • Biblical Hebrew
  • Biblical Hermeneutics
  • Biblical & Philosophical Hermeneutics
  • Study Tour: Lands of the Bible
  • The Trinity
  • Leadership in the Christian Church
  • Mission of the Church
  • Jesus Christ Today: Introduction to Theological Studies
  • Practicums in educational ministry, congregational ministry, pastoral care, worship & preaching, mission

8 thoughts on “Coolamon College Courses

  1. Therese Burgess

    Is Coolamon still functional? I have tried in vain to contact you as I want to resume my studies.

  2. Derek Watson

    Are you still in existence? What do I need to do to enrol for a course – I am particularly interested in UC Sacraments for Lay presiders, as we are newly without a minister of the word.

  3. Osea Waqamate

    Hi my name is Osea originally from the Island of Fiji I am serving as a missionary in the nation of PNG. Anyways i am writting to you because i want to do your pastoral online course,how do i start how much is the course for that, thanks and the Lord bless you

  4. Osea waqamate

    I am interested in doing a Pastoral care on line course in your program, what shall i do thanks?

  5. Sione Falefo'ou

    I am searching for a biblical course online. Would you let me know how can i apply for this course please? or what can i do?

  6. Rohan Pryor

    Note the first paragraph above: “In 2009 the Uniting Church Assembly wound down Coolamon College, delegating responsibility to each synod. The Coolamon College Courses are no longer available.”

    Each synod offers training for lay preachers and other lay leaders: use these links to synods to make contact there.

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