Companions in Christ

Companions in ChristThe Companions in Christ Series offers small groups an experience in spiritual formation, helping explore classic spiritual practices, and inviting participants to develop daily patterns that open their lives to a deepening relationship with God and one another. Groups who have completed Companions in Christ are well prepared for additional resources in the series.

Small group

Styles of Learning
Reading, discussion, practices of faith

Number of sessions
28 weeks

5 parts:

  1. Christian journey
  2. Scripture
  3. Prayer
  4. Call
  5. Spiritual Guidance.

Length of sessions
Each week begins with an inviting and stimulating reflection by a recognized spiritual author. Over the next five days, scripture passages and questions guide participants through their own reflections. Important insights are recorded in a journal. The week closes with a two-hour group session where participants share insights, reflect together, and take part in a variety of group exercises. Some of these exercises are inwardly focused, while others call for hands-on creativity.

Spiritual formation

Theological Perspective
Wide variety

Age Group

Where to purchase

Getting Started Guide: $7
Leader’s Guide: $30
Participant’s Guide: $36
Journal $14.50

The Way of Forgiveness
The Way of Blessedness
The Way of Grace
Leader’s Guide: $13.50
Participant’s Guide $20.50

Specific leadership requirements

Country of origin
United States (Upper Room, United Methodist 2001)

Available in languages other than English

Resources provided

Participants’ Books
Start Up Book
Leader’s Guide

Upper Room provides email lists for people using the resource.

Technology needed

Web site
Mediacom (Australia)
Upper Room (USA)

Regional Advisors

Jenny Brecknell (QLD)
Karyl Davison (NSW)
Mark Hillis (NSW)
Mark Lawrence (VIC/TAS)
Gwen Ince (VIC/TAS)
Beth Hancock (VIC/TAS)
Ann Siddall (SA)
Ian Price (SA)
Craig Mitchell (SA)
John Atkinson (WA)
Steve Francis (WA)

Uniting Church Congregations using Companions in Christ

The Gap, Brisbane

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