Cleansing Stream

Cleansing StreamCleansing Stream is a 10 week course that empowers, encourages and releases believers into the fullness of their kingdom inheritance, focused on deliverance. Developed by Jack Hayford at The Church on the Way.

Small groups and large retreat

Styles of Learning
Video Talks, Discussion, Private Reading and listening, and participation in a retreat featuring worship, teaching and prayer.

Number of sessions
5 video sessions (45 mins), with workbook, audio teachings and reading material. An essential part of the Cleansing Stream course is a weekend retreat (Friday night and Saturday) where participants can experience and apply the truths they have been investigating.

  1. Walk in the Spirit
  2. Commit everything to God
  3. Speak words of life
  4. Enter the cleansing stream
  5. Press toward the goal

Length of sessions

90 – 120 minutes, including 45 minute video

“Cleansing Stream Australia is committed to partnering with pastors and churches in teaching and training leaders and maturing believers in personal cleansing, deliverance, and spiritual warfare so they can be released to serve, minister, and disciple others in the Body of Christ. The course is focused on the individual and freedom, healing and discipleship.”

Theological Perspective
Charismatic Evangelical

Age Group
Adult (16 +)

Where to purchase
Cleansing Stream in Melbourne

Seminar Cost
Individual Course Fee Package $95 (incl. course workbook, 3 reading books, 3 teaching CDs)
Married Course Fee Package $140 (incl. individual package & 1 extra course workbook)
Church Leaders/Facilitators Course Pack $310 (incl. individual leaders pack, leaders manual, DVD set, Facilitator DVD)

Retreat Registration
$95 for singles (incl. retreat notebook)
$155 for couples (incl. retreat notebook)

Country of origin

Available in languages other than English

Resources provided
DVD, Leaders’ Manual, Audio CD, Books.

Technology needed
DVD player

Web site

Regional Advisors
Rev Mark Durie is National Director.

Uniting Church Congregations using Cleansing Stream

Chapel Hill

10 thoughts on “Cleansing Stream

  1. Vivian Rockwell

    This is not a reply, but a question. Do you know if Cleansing Stream can be done as an on-line study? If not, do you know of another “recovery” study that may be available as part of a web-based comunity. I have a friend in rural Texas who was abused my a church worship leader when he was an adolescent and he might benefit from such a study.

    Thanx for you help – V

  2. Pastor Joseph Vaillancourt

    I’ve been researching Cleasing Stream and now I know it is dangerous and demonic teaching that needs to be cleansed from the church of Jesus Christ. Those who are in this lie of Satan, need to look at Romans 6, and other scriptures on the Sanctification the entire human being. No Christian can be demons possessed and the thought of it is an insult to the God Head. Cleansing Stream is really good secular psychology that adds paganism with New Age thought…no-where have ever heard of similar teaching but in the New Age movement. The battle is not with Demons, when you struggle with sin, the battle is with the flesh. Read Paul’s own testimony to this In the Book of Romans. Why does Cleansing Stream rely on experience and conjecture rather than the word of GOD? Anyways, I will writing an article on this and it will be open to discussion.

    A Very Worried Pastor,
    Pastor Joseph Vaillancourt
    Toronto Ontario
    St. Jamestown Community CHurch

  3. Pastor Joseph Vaillancourt

    I recieved your email…sadly, you forgot that scripture is the tool by which GOD uses his church to correct teach and rebuke (2 Tim 3.16)
    “All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness,” Paul seamed to expect that this would happen. Also, he told the church in Corinth that they needed to be willing to be judge by fellow believer to ensure that they were not following out of line with the WORD of GOD! Galatians 1 tells us to be certain we are teaching correct teachings. Jesus taught that if a brother has an issue with another that they should bring the issue to them and if they repent then you have won them over. My issue is with the basic theology of Cleansing Stream, the very idea that a man of GOD can be demon possessed is illogical. Sure they say they dont teach this however they do teach their hook theology and a form of “faith containers” theology they idea that your words have the power to either help Satan or GOD. All theology must be placed through the filter of the WORD of GOD! My study of Cleansing Stream as supported by Jack Hayford is sadly errored on key theological points which has allowed them to mis-interpret other scriptures. They are doing isogesis rather than exogesis and I feel this is where the problem is. I did recieved your email, I felt it was a very nice job of saying to me: thanks for your concern but we feel you are wrong and we are right. Wait, lets place it on the site to be read:
    Dear Min. Vallencourt, we researched and referred the “said” article that caused you to write. Our response is:

    Thank you for your comments and concerns. We will take it into consideration. It was felt that perhaps you read more into what was there.

    P.S. We do not engage in “Scripture Quoting” contests on our sites. We believe that the Body of Christ needs to engage in supportive and not tearing down type of behaviors. We know that you love God and feel the same way; it’s counter productive. In no way can it glorify God. Have a peaceful day

    My response to this is this:
    1. My reading into this is not the issue because it was a comment made after hours and hours of research. I dug into this like I dig into any training program prior to embracing it and using it. I feel as a pastor, that my congregation deserves a pastor that will take due diligence to ensure their spiritual safety. My original post, is based on my research, prayers, studying of scripture and checking with other to be certain that I was not just “reading into it”. I could be wrong, but you have given me just reason to see this or for that matter you have not given me scripture to demonstrate it.

    2. As for not partaking in “scripture contests” as you said it. Well I am not doing this either. As all bible trained Pastors, I did what I teach all believers, I did what Paul teaches us to do in scripture – I went to scripture which is the final authority for all things related to the church. Paul told Timothy (for example) to use scripture to challenge false teachers and prophets in his church. So, I have endeavored in good faith to share my “conserns” with you about Cleansing Stream in the hopes of hearing a response in scriptures that would alievatemy concerns for the well being of the saints in Christ Jesus who are already set free of Demons when they are born again. I wanted to know if in essense you were teaching the idea that Satan retain “hooks” in our soul. Of course, you probably would look to Romans 7 with me where Paul clarly acknowledges his own struggle with his flesh and knowing for certain that he was not demon possessed, we could reason through scripture together to determine what the WORD OF GOD actually teaches.

    3. I believe in supporting believers but I can not support a believer who is in plain sin, going to a hindu temple for example and bowing to satan servants those false gods. In the same way Paul was not a very supportive Pastor of one gentlemen who was in plain sin in Corinth. He told the church there to expel that man from the church so that he may come to his senses and repent.

    1 CORINTHIANS 5.1 READS: 1It is actually reported that there is sexual immorality among you, and of a kind that does not occur even among pagans: A man has his father’s wife. 2And you are proud! Shouldn’t you rather have been filled with grief and have put out of your fellowship the man who did this?

    SEeing that you see your ministry as being one that is devoted to discipleship and teaching the saints, I would assume that an opportunity to sharpen yourself and to do you part in Christ Jesus to do the same for another brother in the ministry would go along with the whole: developing leaders and pastors philosophy given in Cleansing Stream Mission.

    Sadly, you feel that my behavior is so beneath your standards that my concern is not worthy of you. Fair enough…I am reminded of Paul wise counsel to the “stronger” Christians of Rome, to bear with the weaker, ah, lets find that passage together shall we: Romans 15.1-4
    1We who are strong ought to bear with the failings of the weak and not to please ourselves. 2Each of us should please his neighbor for his good, to build him up. 3For even Christ did not please himself but, as it is written: “The insults of those who insult you have fallen on me.”[a] 4For everything that was written in the past was written to teach us, so that through endurance and the encouragement of the Scriptures we might have hope.

    Right, I just remembered you feel that the quoting of scripture is a competition. Ok, however, I ask that if I am so weak in faith that you bear with my desire to be as the Bereans and check out everything. Perhaps you are better versed in scripture than I, or definitly more verse in Cleansing Stream then I. This is where you are strong, so, let us consider in unity our differances. Unity does not mean that we will always agree but Iron sharpens Iron.

    Honestly, I do not understand how my concern for the well being of the children of GOD is a bad thing something that would cause them to be torn down. Can you answer that? How is bringing the life giving word of GOD destroying lives? Does not scripture teach that the word of GOD is Jesus (JOHN 1.1) and if Jesus is the word and the cross of Calvery is the word of GOD at work, then it can only bring good, I think. Tell me what do you think?

    You tell me that doing this is “conterproductive” and can not “bring glory to GOD”, why? How did you come to this? Show me according to the word of GOD so that I may understand. I am willing to listen. I can not have a peaceful day as you say you wish for me because I am grieved at what I have understood about Cleansing Stream. If it is as I have understood how else should I be. You tell me it is safe, show me that. This is what I want to hear from you.

    In understand from your corespondance that you live in another country. I have come out in the open to you with concerns via your own website. Yet You’ve come to me via email and not you originally. Your servant emailed me for you and told me to wait for your response. I did this and recieved no response. I did hear your rebuke for using scripture – how did you put it again, “competitive way” which you see as conterproductive.

    Back to the point at hand, I came with a concern. You are giving me the perfect brush off by telling me that “perhaps I read too much into it”. Ok, how is this so?

  4. Mark Enge

    As someone who has participated in Cleansing Stream I am not sure about all of Pastor Joseph’s scripture references. In Roman’s 5:1 it says we have been justified through faith, but I couldn’t find any reference of sanctification being instantly applied to the entire being. I understand sanctification as being a life long process of becoming more like Jesus. In Hebrews 10:14 it says that “by one offering He has perfected forever those who are being sanctified” implying that the sanctification process is not done yet. Paul says to the Thessalonians that, “may the God of peace Himself Sanctify you completely; and may your whole spirit, soul, and body be preserved blameless at the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ” which says we aren’t there yet. Finally, you said the battle is not with demons, but with the flesh. Why then does Paul in Ephesians implore us to put on the whole armor of God and then write in 6:12 that we do struggle against flesh and blood, but ….against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.

    Anyhow, as a participant in the seminar I can speak to the healing and release, not necessarily of sin, but of the damage of past sin, unrepented sin, or the scars left by believing the lies of the devil. As a long time Christian I have been incredibly blessed and am ready to listen, be empowered, and follow the plans He has for me.

  5. machelle Anthony

    I too can personally testify to the goodness of cleansing streams. I went into 2004 with some real anger issues and praying for something to happen. you see I had tried all the self help things that others had come up with for me. I’d prayered and hung onto God and had many many counselli9ng sessions. In other words I’d done everything humanly possible to see a breakthrough in the area of anger……

    My family for years had copped the rough end of the stick when it came to my anger. Believe me we were ready for change. Friends of minee introduced me to this and I have never regretted any of it. You see I wwasn’t possed as you put it but anger was still an issue and I can’t tell you how many thousand times I had repented and asked for forgiveness and done allthose thoings that mature christians know how to do……

    To the place where the rubber meets the road. God yes loving heavenlt father used this course/program whatever you want to call it and completely set me free from anger. I no longer have screaming fits or rage or violence. I no longer feel insane and like someoother person has taken over my body.

    I had been told by many well meaning pastors who said that “I was in control of everything and it was just a show”. With my Jesus who died for me on that cross as my witness it was not a show and I never could control it……..

    I testify to the goodness of this course regardless of your philosophy on deliveraance.

    My scriptual answer is Jesus told us we would do greater things than he did and he did “deliver” so why shouldn’t we also have the ability to deliver in the name of jesus of course…

    just as many say you need to lay hands on and pray no you don’t need to pray. Jeus didn’t always pray sometimes he just touched somebody or somebody touched him.

    He is the master I am but the clay in his hand he can use any and all methods to make me kore like him…..

  6. Carol

    I just got home from a Cleansing Seminar Retreat in Rialto, CA. I had an uplifting experience. I am usually a very quiet and reserved individual, but being at this retreat gave me an opportunity to get out of myself and into the Spirit which is a wonderful place to be! Everyone on the leadership team is so loving! Thank you for a great weekend!

  7. peter

    i live in south africa,i did deliverace with the help of the lord without resources ,or been trained . i been looking for this kind of ministry to be equip, i know this is from GOD . GOD BLESS YOUR MINISTRY.

  8. Richard Bradbury

    Dear Ps Wyatt,

    I am discussing running Cleansing Streams once more through C3 Hobart with Ps Vern Traill.

    We are unsure if you are still running the program, if yes, could you please advise as to your availability to run a retreat in Hobart sometime this year?

  9. Dave H.

    Our church in Florida did the Cleansing Stream program in 2000. It is not only life affirming and healing, but grows belief in the power of Jesus and His loving concern for each of us personally. It is sad that Pastor Joseph Vaillancourt sees fit to call this demonic. It is not. We moved from Florida to Tennessee in 2008 and settled into a small rural church where we eventually found out that the leadership had pharisaic attitudes similar to that pastor… We left after 3 years and have found a Bible believing, loving church where Jesus is in charge. I wholeheartedly recommend Cleansing Stream. It will change your Christian life.

  10. Sheilah Bagwell

    I am in the middle of the Cleansing Stream program right now. I am benefiting from each class. If you are ready to take a serious look at yourself and grow in your walk with God, then you should take this class.

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