Christianity Explained

Christianity ExplainedChristianity Explained is an informal exploration of the Christian Gospel, developed by Michael Bennett, an Anglican living in Brisbane, in association with Scripture Union.

One-to-one sharing, Small Group

Styles of Learning
Reading, Conversation

Number of sessions

Length of sessions
One hour

Christianity Explained starts from the assumption that the enquirer knows little or nothing about the Bible or the basic Gospel. It seeks to teach the Gospel slowly, one point each lesson, over a six-unit course. It is based on the Gospel of Mark, as this is the shortest and easiest gospel for someone starting out. Enquirers are assured from the beginning they will not be asked to read aloud, pray, sing or answer Bible questions that may embarrass them. Discussion however is encouraged.

Six sessions cover:

Jesus the Son of God
Jesus: His Crucifixion
Jesus: His Resurrection
Grace, Not Works
Theological Perspective
Conservative Evangelical

Age Group
Adult. Cross Examination is a special edition designed for teenagers.

Where to purchase
Directly from Michael Bennett via website, Koorong

Kit (manual, follow up course, tract)
Video (demonstration by Michael Bennett) $33
DVD (demonstration) $41
Cross Examination Leader’s Guide $5.45
Cross Examination Student Book $3.50
Christianity Explained Non-English $16 – $18

Specific leadership requirements

Country of origin

Available in languages other than English

Chinese, (Simplified & Traditional scripts) Korean, Japanese, French, Spanish, Sri Lankan, Latvian, Croatian, Albanian, Romanian, Bulgarian, Nepali, Thai

Resources provided
Book, Training Manual, DVD/Video demonstrations, Tracts, Follow up Discipleship studies. Note that the DVD and Video are primarily for training purposes.

Technology needed

Web site

Regional Advisor for Queensland
Michael Bennett
61 7 3892 3668

Uniting Church Congregations using Christianity Explained

5 thoughts on “Christianity Explained

  1. MIchelle Black

    I would like to purchase Christianity for teenagers. Can you help?
    Michelle Black
    Corowa Baptist Church

  2. Rev Wayne McHugh

    You can add Proserpine Whitsunday Uniting Church as one church who uses Christianity Explained. I use it whenever the opportunity arises and have found it over many years to be an excellent, easy to understand introduction to the essentials of the Christian faith.

  3. Stacey

    Could you please tell me what churches on Brisbanes north side will be running this course soon?


  4. Tony Gibson

    Hi, can I purchase 20 of – Cross Examination Student Book $3.50.
    If so, how do I do that please.
    Tony – 0404859626

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