Careforce Lifekeys

Careforce Lifekeys (formerly Careforce Recovery Ministries) is a training resource for small groups helping people struggling with deep emotional needs. Alan and Helen Meyer, Churches of Christ in Melbourne, developed the material in response to needs in their local community.

Chemically Speaking – single session looking at addiction
Door of Hope – 10 sessions
Kids with Courage – 6 sessions
Making Marriage Better – 10 sessions
Man to Man – 10 sessions
New Beginnings – 10 sessions
Search for Intimacy
Search for Life – 10 sessions
Valiant Man – male sexuality – 10 sessions
Woman to Woman – 10 sessions
Youth Search for Life – 8 sessions
Facilitator Training – 7 sessions

Small Groups

Styles of Learning
Videos, small group discussion

Number of sessions

Length of sessions


Theological Perspective

Age Group
Children, Teenage, Adult

Where to purchase
Online at address below


Specific leadership requirements
Training in Facilitation, participation in small group

Country of origin

Available in languages other than English

Resources provided
Videos & DVDs, Leaders Manuals, Participants Manual, Posters, Brochures

Technology needed
Video/DVD, Television/Projector

Web site

Regional Advisor for Queensland

Uniting Church Congregations using Careforce Lifekeys

Robina Surfers Paradise

16 thoughts on “Careforce Lifekeys

  1. Ashraf Saleh

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I am looking for a Careforce Lifekeys program running for men and marriage around the south Brisbane area. Could you please direct me to churches or organisations that may run such a program?

    Thank you kindly,
    In Christ,

  2. David Crank

    We head a small group. I have completed facilitator training and man to man. My wife has completed woman to woman. Is there anywhere we can get hold of the materials to facilitate woman to woman and man to man in our home with a small group? Very informal.

  3. Phyl Organ

    David, If you Google Careforce Lifekeys and choose the Careforce Lifekeys site, you will be able to order the manuals and other materials as well. They are amazing courses and help to facilitate healing for all that do them. All the best with your group and God bless you heaps.

  4. Claire Page

    Dear Sir/Madam
    I would be most grateful if you could advise churches that are invovled in the Brisbane area (we are located south east Brisbane – Mackenzie) that are involved with the man to man and woman to woman courses. Thank you and bless you.
    Yours in Christ
    Claire Page

  5. paul sandham

    Hi I am currently travelling around Australia during July with my family and I have an interest, possibily even a calling, around helping men to have ‘conversations that go deeper than birds,booze and bravado’ I am a professional coach,faciliatator,mediator ( and a Christian) and I am piloting a small group process in the UK . I would love to talk to someone in Australia about this. My email address is above. As I am travelling I will be accessing my email when I can. Many thanks

  6. Ann Watts

    About two tears ago I bought a video titles Chemically Speaking. Unfortunately it got jammed in my player and is ruined. Is it possible to purchase another copy?
    Ann Watts

  7. Kevin Eyre

    Can you please tell me the phone number for Alan Myer or an email address so I can contact him…Thanks Ps Kevin Eyre Mandurah WA

  8. Christine Sholer

    Hi, I live in the Pakenham area and I have many people interested in the Search for Intimacy course. Do you have any information on the program and how we can access it?

    Thanks, Christine Sholer.

  9. no name

    Hi, I am wanting to know if there is any Christian counsellors that cover post-natal depression in the Mandurah (wa) area??

  10. Helen Meyer

    Hi All,
    Just letting you know that we have a new website address. and several new programs since this was last listed. Parents with Courage, and Healthy Lifestyle for Women. All programs on DVD and updated. Our annual Conference is 13th & 14th of April 2012
    Helen Meyer Director Careforce Lifekeys.

  11. Angeline Prince

    Hi I would like to become a facilitator at my local church what is the proceedure? I have done the course many years ago and have moved to a country NSW location (Griffith NSW) just wondering who runs the program closest to me or if there is one in fact here. I believe there is a great need for this course in this area. Regards Angeline

  12. Noralyn Berwick

    Hi I am interested in some of your material I have been facilatring groups for over 20 years using my own material. I am looking for something different and wondered if your content may suit. I run groups on self esteem and general life skills type stuff.Course covers values, boundries, negetive life styles , goals etc. I am genuinly interested in looking into your resourses. I work for a christian community organisation in Blenhiem NZ Can you kindly let me know of cost etc verification that you may need of me. thank you Noralyn

  13. gregtfn

    i have a copy of of Search for Life by Allan Myer and 2 people from bracken ridge baptist church Queensland first names only Dave and Melissa. The team had visited church of Christ Zillmere in 1975 or 1976. It was at that time 4 or 5 groups mixed group. i had been very challenged by the course and still have the notes. I note Ted that you Rick and your wife are in Melbourne. Also have noted your name change. My email address is i would like to keep in touch . Thanks greg litfin

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