Bible Study Fellowship International

BSF (Bible Study Fellowship International) features a seven-year study schedule covering: Genesis, Romans, Matthew, Life of Moses, John, Israel and the Minor Prophets, and Acts of the Apostles.

BSF is a lay Christian organization, not affiliated with any church or group of individuals or underwritten in any way.

Local churches host day classes for women, evening classes for men, evening classes for women, and evening classes for single young adults (ages 18-35). BSF International recommend a critical mass of 60 participants.

Styles of Learning
Daily questions for personal Bible study, discussion groups where insights from personal study are shared, lectures with applications for daily living, notes distributed to class members attending the lecture each week.

Number of sessions
32 a year for seven years

Length of sessions
2 hours


  1. introducing people to Jesus Christ through his self-revelation in Scripture
  2. helping individuals develop the habit of daily Bible study
  3. helping people to relate their Bible study to daily life
  4. equipping and motivating “individuals to contribute more effectively to the life and work of their churches.

Theological Perspective

Age Group
Adult, Young Adult, Children

Where to purchase
Materials are offered free of charge from the international office in Texas. Donations are taken to support BSF.

See above.

Specific leadership requirements
Teaching Leader attends a week-long course in Texas.
Class administrator, discussion leaders (1 per 14 people), sub teaching leader, attend training in Brisbane at the beginning of each year. Training is also provided for childrens’ supervisors and leaders. Each fellowship has a secretary and treasurer.

Country of origin
United States

Resources provided
8 pages of notes for each session, along with 2 pages of personal reflection on Scriptures. Manuals are provided for each role in the fellowship.

Web site

Regional Advisor for Queensland

Uniting Church Congregations hosting Bible Study Fellowship
Robina Surfers Paradise (womens group on Monday nights)

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