Bethel Bible Series

Bethel Bible Series LogoThe Bethel Bible Series is a two-year in-depth study of the Old and New Testaments that makes use of forty colorful pictures that communicate the main themes of the Scriptures.

Seminar in small or large groups

Styles of Learning
Seminar, Research, Visual Aids (one image for each week), Memorisation of Scripture, leadership development.

Number of sessions
42 – six seven week blocks. Participants can start the course at the beginning of any of the six blocks.

Length of sessions
2 1/2 hours

The mission of the Bethel Series is to lead members of a local church into disciplined study of Scripture in such a way that they encounter the Living Christ.

Theological Perspective
Conservative Evangelical

Age Group

Where to purchase
Directly from Bethel in USA or from Graeme MacRobb in Australia (see below)

See web site for catalogue.

Specific leadership requirements
Before the program can be presented to the leaders of a congregation, the minister or another staff member attends an Orientation and Training Clinic. Ideally a member of staff does the training and comes back to take congregational leaders through the course over two years. After two years those lay leaders lead other members of the congregation in the Bethel Series.

Country of origin
United States

Available in languages other than English
Korean, Japanese, Russian, Spanish, German, and soon Chinese

Resources provided
Bethel Bridge Illustration Teacher/discipleship training set with Old Testament & New Testament binders, Extra assignments, Set of large posters, Pocket picture/concept cards, Bulletin covers, Administrator’s manual and video for congregational phase, Bible Tutor CD Rom, Christian History Tutor CD Rom, Bethel Series PowerPoint on CD Rom, Overhead Transparency Set, Paul’s Journeys on Overheads, Personal Map Set. The resources have been updated in the last five years.

Technology needed
Overhead Projector for transparencies, Computer & Projector if using PowerPoint.

Web site

Bethel Contact for Australia
Canon Graeme MacRobb
Adult Christian Education Foundation of Australia
Covenant House
10 Eisenhower Street
Warragul Victoria 3820
Phone: (03) 5623-4654

Uniting Church Congregations that have used the Bethel Bible Series
Aitkenvale used Bethel in the 1980s
Glebe Rd used Bethel in the 1990s
Robina Surfers Paradise


Old Testament:

Creation and its Concepts
Divine Intentions
Pronouncment of a Destiny
Ardent Dream of a Destiny
United for a Destiny
An Emerging Nation
A Destiny Ensured
Empowered for a Destiny
The Conquest
Judges Forestall Threats
The Philistine Menace
The United Kingdom
Recalling a Destiny
The Crumbling North
The Crumbling South
Pointing Ahead
The Exile
History is the Judgment of God
The Restoration

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