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Belonging Kit FolderThis Uniting Education resource explores Christian discipleship in a way that connects faith, beliefs and living. It is useful as a preparation for baptism, confirmation, affirmation of faith, or engagement as mission partner. Edited by Cheryl Lawrie, the material inlcudes work from other Australians, David Merritt, John Emmett, Craigt Mitchell, Hugh McGinlay, Joan Wright-Howie, Cynthia Page and David Howie.

The Belonging Kit can be used in large or small groups, in one-to-one mentoring sessions, in weekly seminar or retreat environments. The group sessions could be run over two weekends, separated by three months during which participants are invited to do the Bible studies on their own or in a small group, or to participate in mentor sessions. Teaching notes can be used in worship.

Styles of Learning
Seminar, small group discussion, Mentoring, Bible Study, Music, Stories, Journalling, Action Learning Activities which can include creating book, video or web page.

Number of sessions
Twelve unitsBelonging Journal

  1. Belonging to God
  2. Belonging to God’s People
  3. Belonging to God’s World
  4. Believing in God
  5. Believing in Jesus Christ
  6. Believing in the Good News
  7. Growing in Worship
  8. Growing in the Spirit
  9. Growing with Scipture
  10. Sharing our Gifts
  11. Sharing our Faith
  12. Sharing our World

Length of sessions
Group sessions 2 hours
Mentor sessions 1 hour
Action Learning Activities
Bible Studies 1 hour

The Belonging Kit is a flexible resource that provides options for congregations to help individuals and congregations grow in the faith of Christ, remain in that faith and celebrate that faith meaningfully.

Theological Perspective

Uniting Church in Australia, Inclusive

Age Group
Fifteen to Aged

Where to purchase
Mediacom UCA Shop, Adelaide 1800 811 311

Belonging Kit (All studies, leaders notes, photocopiable masters, Audio CD, 1 journal, floppy disk) $80
Belonging Journal $9
Big Things Little Things Audio CD $25.50

Specific leadership requirements

Country of origin

Available in languages other than English

Resources provided
Ring Binder includes Belonging Journal, Big Things Little Things Audio CD, photocopiable notes for material used in group sessions, Bible studies, mentoring, action learning, worship.

Technology needed
CD Player if using Audio CD

Web site

Regional Advisor for Queensland

Uniting Church Congregations using The Belonging Kit
Wellers Hill Taragindi

7 thoughts on “Belonging Kit

  1. Duncan

    I was talking to my daughter about this last night. She thought I was talking about “The Blogging Kit!” I wonder if blogging could become a part of the Belonging process…

  2. Bob Miles

    I have used Belonging at Maroochydore a few years ago after doing the Training Course in Brisbane. Used it in small group format.

    Planning on using it in Pine Mountain later in the year.

  3. Naomi

    We did this a few years ago at West End Uniting as preparation for adult baptism and confirmation. It’s definitely something that you need a group for, and it’s quite long- lots of modules and you need a bit of motivation and committment to keep going. It was worthwhile though, especially for getting a better understanding of the principles behind the Uniting Church- e.g. Basis of Union.

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