An Ordinary Day With Jesus

An Ordinary Day with Jesus curriculum was written by: and for Willow Creek and published by Zondervan in 2001. The course looks at various aspects of an ordinary day and how we can connect with Jesus in those moments. Participants learn that experiencing God’s presence in their everyday lives doesn’t necessarily mean doing new things. It means doing the things they already do, but in new ways – in Jesus’ name

An Ordinary Day With JesusAn Ordinary Day with Jesus can be used in large or small groups, in weekly seminar or retreat environments.

Styles of Learning
Seminar, small group discussion, Visual drama.

Number of sessions
Eight sessions can be held over eight weeks (1 hour sessions), over four weeks (2 1/2 hour sessions) or over a Friday night/Saturday retreat.

Living in Jesus’ Name
Everyday Relationships
Spiritual Pathways
Pace of Life
Making the Ordinary Extraordinary
Length of sessions
1 hour


Course participants learn how to:

Wake up and go to sleep in Jesus’ name
Review their day with God
Use training rather than trying to become more like Jesus
Learn from difficult people
Silence competing voices in order to hear God’s leadings
Experience time alone with God as an opportunity not an obligation
Use their own unique spiritual pathway to connect with God
Eliminate hurry and simplify their pace of life
Plan their own ordinary day with Jesus
Theological Perspective
Evangelical, Contemplative

Age Group
Teenager to Aged

Where to purchase
Koorong, Word, Willow Creek Association
Leader’s Kit (video, CD Rom, Leader’s Manual, 1 Participant’s Manual) $175
Drama Vignettes Video $30
Leader’s Manual $75
Participant’s Guide $18
CD Rom $30

Specific leadership requirements

Country of origin
United States

Available in languages other than English

Resources provided
Leader’s Guide, Participant’s Guide,
Video (variety of creative segments to punctuate course content, encourage group discussion, and make a heart connection to participant’s everyday lives)
PowerPoint CD-ROM

Technology needed
Video Player & Television or Data Projector if using video.
Computer & Projector if using PowerPoint presentations.

Web site

Regional Advisor for Queensland

Uniting Church Congregations using An Ordinary Day with Jesus
West Epping in Sydney

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