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Educating Christians was started as a project of the Queensland Synod of the Uniting Church in Australia, in 2004. A report on theological education for the Synod pointed out that the most significant theological education happened in congregations where local people were equipped to engage in discipleship, mission, education, spiritual formation and training for ministry.

The Mission Consultant Team, then Duncan Macleod, Graham Beattie and Bruce Mullan, developed a template for reviewing resources for local Christian education. At the Synod gathering at Alexandra Park small groups were asked to list resources that had been used in their congregations. The site is not being updated due to changes in work allocation.

Duncan Macleod is the author of most of the reviews and can be contacted at duncanmacl at bigpond.com

3 thoughts on “About Educating Christians

  1. Carol Asplin

    I am a lady who wants to study with BSF. I work two days a week and the groups in my area meet on the days I work. I have experienced before the quality of BSF, and it has been the only study I have done that has enriched and encouraged my Christian walk. Is there anyone who may advise me of satelite groups in the Sunshine coast area of Queensland, or some other BSF option that may be available.

  2. Bobby's sister

    Current students of BSF wish to find same study class in Tasmania, the bottom part of Australia .

    Where in tasmania can we find a BSF study class???

    Tasmania is full of people and churches that are able to hold BSF classes.

    There must be some somewhere???

    Please advise where and which church is running the classes.??

    Thank you kindly

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