A Sensual Faith

A Sensual Faith“Touch God through a hug from a friend, hear God in the laughter of a child, breathe in God through the aroma of the salty sea, see God in the wings of a butterfly, taste God in the texture of bread. Simple experiential exercises and activities inspire participants to reflect on God, life, biblical passages, and themselves.”

Small group, existing or one-off. Can be used in a retreat. Fifth session is held in context of meal.

Styles of Learning
Reading, discussion

Number of sessions

Length of sessions
75 – 105 minutes

This series of five studies sets out to explore the ways we experience God through our senses. Drawing on some of the great traditions of the faith, the studies lead us through an intriguing array of experiences and group discussions. These studies promise to expand ways in which we encounter God and invite the participant to heighten their awareness of God’s presence in all aspects of their life.

Theological Perspective

Age Group

Where to purchase

$9 ($8 each for 10 or more)

Specific leadership requirements

Country of origin

Available in languages other than English

Resources provided

Outlines five sessions for group study
Leader notes list materials needed for whole program
Flexibility allows group to tailor program to suit needs of participants

Technology needed

Web site

Regional Advisor

Uniting Church Congregations using A Sensual Faith

One thought on “A Sensual Faith

  1. Anon

    This study was done with around 14 folk in the Armadale UC in WA last Easter. It was a very easy book to work from and the result was to deepen the faith experience of all who took part. Strongly recommend to all who are looking for a study which will appeal to most people in the pew. Not directly related to Easter but worth a look at any time of the year.

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