A Life Worth Living

A Life Worth LivingA nine session course based on the book of Philippians featuring Nicky Gumbel. This course is aimed specifically at those starting out in the Christian life and is ideal for those who have just completed an Alpha course. Each talk explains how it is possible to live the Christian life positively, practically and joyfully, covering such topics as “New Attitude”, “New Friendships” and “New Responsibilities

Seminar, small group

Styles of Learning

Video talk presentation, Bible study, discussion

Number of sessions

Length of sessions
2 – 2 1/2 hours. The video sessions are 35 minutes long.

Introduces Christians to ongoing discipleship, with the Holy Trinity Brompton approach to Bible Study: “What’s it say, what’s it mean, so what?

Theological Perspective

Age Group
A Life Worth Living Video Young Adult, Adult

Where to purchase
Koorong, Word, Open Book

Book with study guide $15
Book (revised paperback in large print) $20
Videos (set of 3) $70
Leader’s Manual $8
Participant’s Manual $8
Cassettes (9) $90

Specific leadership requirements

Country of origin
United Kingdom

Available in languages other than English

Resources provided
Book, DVD/Video, Leader’s Manual, Participant’s Manual, Cassette/CD

Technology needed
Video player & TV or Projector, or tape cassette player.

Web site

Regional Advisors

Uniting Church Congregations using A Life Worth Living

Pine Rivers, Brisbane
Robina Surfers Paradise
Chapel Hill, Brisbane


Session 1: New Heart
Session 2: New Purpose
Session 3: New Attitude
Session 4: New Responsibilities
Session 5: New Friendships
Session 6: New Confidence
Session 7: New Ambitions
Session 8: New Resources-
Session 9: New Generosity

3 thoughts on “A Life Worth Living

  1. Jenny Brecknell

    Chapel Hill UC has purchased the “Life Worth Living” resources. I’ve used them with a group which included new Christians who’d just completed Alpha, and they found the materials and the discussion which followed (during which more mature Christians in the group were able to share their experience) both helpful and encouraging.

  2. Chris Pettigrove

    Hi, my name is Chris Pettigrove. I am looking for an Alpha course for a friend of mine who lives in Townsville. Do any of the Uniting Churches run them there? He is not a believer (yet) but has many questions and is open to God working in his life. It would be a blessing if you could let me know of any running. Blessings, Chris

  3. Olurounbi Margaret Mrs

    We had the life worth living training at the Church of the Messiah, Ede road. IleIfe Osun State Nigeria, this week. it was very impact-full. What touched me most is Contentment makes a poor man rich. Discontentment makes a rich man poor. God will continue to bless Nicky Gumbel to be blessings to many generation

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