Faith Stories

Faith Stories is an eight week course , designed as a small group based journey to equip and encourage you in sharing your faith naturally through your friendship networks. The course was written by Duncan Macleod and Graham Beattie for the Pilgrim Learning Community, Queensland Synod, Uniting Church in Australia.

Faith Stories coverSettings
Small groups, large sessions

Styles of Learning
Video, Discussion, Reflection, Reading, Bible Study, Action

Number of sessions
8 sessions

Length of sessions
90 minutes to 2 hours


  • Training in Faith Sharing
  • Capacity to articulate the gospel in many ways
  • Motivation without cringe, fear or pressure
  • Integration of Scripture, personal experience and every day life

Theological Perspective
Broad, holistic

Age Group
Adult, young adult

Specific leadership requirements

Country of origin

Available in languages other than English

Resources provided

DVD – commentary by Peter Armstrong, Interviews with Australians about faith sharing
Photocopiable Participant’s Guide for Group Discussion included as PDF on DVD

Where to purchase

Mediacom Education and Publishing Adelaide

Vision Books, Brisbane

$100 for each DVD/Discussion Guide

Technology needed
DV Player/TV

Web site

Support and Training

Duncan Macleod, co-writer, is available to lead workshops introducing the material, ranging from 1 – 2 hour workshops to whole day seminars. Contact Duncan at his office +61 7 3377 9809 or mobile +61 439 828 718. (duncanm at

Uniting Church Congregations using Faith Stories

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  1. An Introduction to Faith Stories
  2. Why Share Faith?
  3. Relationships – The Key to Faith Sharing
  4. Relationship Skills – Listening & Dialogue
  5. Identifying the Divine Clues
  6. Connecting Stories with Friends
  7. Coaching for Faith Response
  8. Discipleship in Community